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Corrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food Packaging

Corrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food Packaging

    • Corrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food Packaging
    • Corrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food Packaging
    • Corrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food Packaging
    • Corrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food Packaging
    • Corrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food Packaging
    • Corrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food Packaging
  • Corrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food Packaging

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Made in China
    Brand Name: SOOME
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: SMTM-QZD

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
    Price: Contact
    Packaging Details: Wooden case or plastic film 1*40'' container
    Delivery Time: 30 Days
    Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
    Supply Ability: 15 Set / month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Custom Design: Acceptable Packaging Type: Wooden Case Or Plastic Film
    Condition: New Machine Color: As Your Need
    Warranty: 12 Months Port: Tianjin Xin Gang Port

    Corrugated cardboard cold glue laminating machine 1350*1100 mm 380 V food packaging




    1. Suitable for laminating of cardboard and corrugated cardboard in 150-600 g/m2 .


    2. The vacuum suction-type feeding system can lead the paper accurately into the machine;cycle stacking planes in a state of non-stop the next batch of paper stack well, so that more efficient.


    3. Using suction automatic feeding of bottom sheet, according to the main machine operating speed, continuous automatic tracking.


    4. The machine operation is stable, surface paper with corrugated paper joint very accurate. The corrugated paper never pull ahead, surface paper's location is easy adjust.


    5. Machine uses touch-screen/PLC/servo motor control system, double frequency control type , the circuit system is stable, and can automatically display the failure alarm.


    6. Automatic gluing, and the glue can be used circulatory, avoid glue waste.


    7. Measure roller line-speed design scientifically, avoid glue fly out when the speed is high.


    8. Pressure rollers adopt unilateral adjustment, convenient and fast.


    9. Cleaning type : bottom roller is extruded by rubber roller to clean the bottom laminating pressure roller, ensure the cleaner on the reverse of the bottom paper . Make glue etc. foreign matter after washing direct subside in tank. At the same time , adopting the gear and chain to control the lifting of tank, can take out the tank easily and convenient to wash .


    10. The pressure conveyor adopt floating movable structure , total length 5m , equipped with 28 paper pressing rollers , make the cardboard uniform bearing strength in pressing process.


    11. Counter designs scientifically, easy recording the amount you have been worked.


    12. Small pressure table (optional) . length 2.5m , big pressure table length 5m.


    Technological parameter


     Model SMTM-QZD1300A SMTM-QZD 1450A SMTM-QZD 1550A SMTM-QZD1650A

    Max laminating size

    1300mm×1250mm 1400mm×1250mm 1500mm×1250mm 1600mm×1250mm

    Min laminating size

    400mm×400mm 400mm×400mm 400mm×400mm 400mm×400mm
    Economic speed 0-100sheets/min 0-100sheets/min 0-100sheets/min 0-100sheets/min
    Laminating precision ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5 ±1.5
    Power 10kw 12kw 12kw 12kw
     Size 13.5m×2m×2.4m 13.5m×2.05m×2.4m 13.5m×2.15m×2.4m 13.5m×2.25m×2.4m
     Weight About 4.8t About 5t About 5.2t About 5.4t

    Bottom paper thickness

    A/B/C/E flute, 3/4/5 layer , less than 12mm thickness

    Surface paper gram weight

    150-600 g/m2


    Main configuration


    Display screen Delta (Taiwan)
    Switching power supply OMRON
    Mainframe Motor Tianjin Tong'de'li
    Feeder Japanese Rigung
    Geared motors Shanghai Renmin
    Vacuum pump EUROVAC (Taiwan)
    Vortex Pump Shanghai Hengli
    Synchronous belt Ningbo Beidi (Joint venture)
    Bearing WTJB,HRB,LYC
    The host chain CHOHO (sino-Japanese Joint venture)
    Transfer press belt Italy (Joint venture)
    PLC Panasonic (Japanese)
    Contactor SCHNEIDER (The French)
    The host inverter Delta (Taiwan)
    Pressure platform inverter Delta (Taiwan)
    Pressure platform motor Shanghai OTT


    Unit Introduction :


     Feeder System


    High precision high speed feeder , make the feeding smooth .

    Strengthen type feeder device , the suction mouth angle can be adjustable , according to different kinds of surface paper .


    Electric system :


    Main electric appliances all adopt the imported famous brand .


    PLC tracking technique , automatic fault detection .


    Pressure adjustment system :


    Adjust the pressure in single side , to ensure the pressure is same on both sides .


    With pressure gauge display , can easily adjust when change the paper size.


     Pressure conveyor :


    Floating type pressure design , don’t need to adjust the pressure of flatbed .


    Heightening design , good for the smooth work of thick corrugated cardboard .


    Operation Manual


    (please read this manual carefully before installing and using the machine)


    Attention for safety :


    Device peripheral environment setting


    Please set the machine in a firework-free environment to prevent fire.


    Please set the machine in an environment with sufficient ventilation (if necessary, please install ventilation in the surrounding environment of the machine). To ensure a good working environment for employees.


    The surrounding environment of the equipment should be provided with adequate natural lighting.


    The equipment has no dust, noise, oil pollution and other pollution to the surrounding environment.


    Please use proper lifting tools and moving equipment when carrying this machine (use soft materials cushion if necessary) , to prevent equipment damage and other injuries.


    When installing the machine, please follow the instructions (if necessary, the company's technical staff should be provided with coordination).


    Please check the instructions carefully before wiring to make sure the correct power supply is input.


    Make sure the input power is disconnected, and then wire it. To avoid electric shock.


    Good grounding is necessary to avoid electrical shock or fire.


    The business shall be conducted by a full-time electrician to avoid electric shock or fire.


    Before running, please make sure that the motor runs correctly.


    Before running, please check the transmission mechanism of each part of the machine to make sure that the transmission mechanism of each part runs well.


    Test run for about 10 minutes and make sure that the whole machine runs well.


    Please give the operator the necessary pre-job training.


    Test all emergency stop switches before operation.


    All safety switches and protective devices must be properly installed and used.


    Make sure all debris is cleared from the conveyor belt and stacking table before starting up. Otherwise it may cause the machine injuries or personal injuries.


    Avoid talking with others while operating the machine. Distraction can lead to human injuries or even serious accidents.


    Prepare well in advance so that you can handle all possible emergencies with what you can reach. Improper handling can lead to accidents.


    The rotating roller is dangerous and may cause serious injury. Do not open the safety protection device when starting up. Only can use the jog function after opening the safety protection device.


    Do not start the machine at will when the life of a person is at risk or the machine is in maintenance state.


    During the operation, debugging, installation and maintenance of the machine, do not wear loose clothes, accessories or with long hair hangs out .


    The gap of each roller should be adjusted. The gap between the glue distribution roller and upper roller and lower roller cannot be adjusted to zero , to avoid roller friction between them.


    The rubber pump cannot be operated without load to avoid friction damage of the rubber pump impeller.


    Please do not change or damage the settings of the main motor frequency converter.


    Please establish the rules and regulations for equipment maintenance and strict implementation.


    The machine must be thoroughly checked and tested before being put back into use after being idle for a long time.


    The water in the water tank of the cleaning roller should be replaced for a period of time to keep the water clean.


    Please use the spare parts produced by our company for maintenance and replacement, which is caused by the use of spare parts from other companies, no warranty will be given for mechanical damage.


    Without the permission of our technical personnel, we decline any modification of the machine in any situation, and our company will not assume any responsibility for the modification of the machine by users themselves.


    Laminating principle


    Surface paper is fed by automatic paper feeder and transported by conveyor belt to the front initiating and static positioning, the photoelectric switch control vortex pump to open the suction valve after get the signal, adsorb the bottom paper on the suction belt, then suction motor rotate to output the bottom paper automatically, after coating of glue in glue part to the front initiating , positioning and alignment with surface paper, at the same time with the help of the thrust of the roller against the bottom paper to open the initiating structure, surface paper and bottom paper paste together by the pressure of laminating roller and pressing roller, and sent to pressing parts.


    Operating procedures


    Preparation before starting the machine: adjust the gap distance of the paper feeding rollers, about the 85-90% of the bottom paper thickness, the gap between the laminating rollers is 85-90% of the total thickness of surface paper and bottom paper. Suitable size and pressure adjustment in feeder.


    After the adjustment, clean the water pump automatically and fill the sink with water. Put the scraper onto the tank, not too tight or loose , just touch the surface of roller naturally .


    After adjusting the clearance, need test running before work (do not apply glue first). Order: a: switch on the power; b: Rotate the adjustment knob until the display value of about 15Hz on the screen. c: start the main motor. d: simultaneously open the feeder to feed paper, feed air pump, pressing part and air pump.


    When the machine start to laminate paper, 20-30 pieces of paper need to be glued together for self-adjustment, which belongs to the automatic calibration stage, and can only be adjusted at will after the paper feeding parameters are stable. Note that the change of paper feeding parameters can not be adjusted without stability, otherwise it will cause a large error in laminating between surface paper and bottom paper. Recommendation: when the machine is in self-calibrate, users can use the same specification of waste paper, so that it will not cause more waste.


    When the above procedures are completed, the glue pump can be started to adjust and work.


    Troubleshooting method


    Failure phenomenon

    Existing reason

    Elimination method

    Suction belt not rotate

    The photoelectric switch doesn't work.

    Adjust the photoelectric switch

    The servo motor does not work.

    Adjust the servo driver.

    Bottom paper can’t feed automatically or feed more than one piece in one time .

    the clearance of paper-separating head is too big or small .

    Adjust the clearance of paper-separating head

    Wind power is too small or big

    Adjust the air volume.

    Irregular laminating

    Paper feeding is not in place

    Adjust the paper position

    Front initiating position is not right

    Adjust the hand wheel of front initiating .

    The pressure in both ends of roller is not same .

    Adjust the pressure to be same .

    Glue ran out when the two pieces of paper were glued together.

    The clearance of laminating roller or pressing roller is too small .

    Adjust the clearance

    The glue feeding volume is too big

    Adjust the glue volume.

    The glue on the bottom paper is uneven.

    The both ends of glue roller and glue distribution roller are not parallel .

    Adjust the parallelism between rollers.

    The both ends of upper glue roller and lower glue roller are not parallel .


    Corrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food PackagingCorrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food PackagingCorrugated Cardboard Cold Glue Laminating Machine 1350*1100 Mm 380 V Food Packaging

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