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Different Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Customized Rotary Cutting Type

Different Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Customized Rotary Cutting Type

    • Different Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Customized Rotary Cutting Type
    • Different Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Customized Rotary Cutting Type
  • Different Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Customized Rotary Cutting Type

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Made In China
    Brand Name: SOOME
    Certification: CE
    Model Number: SMPL

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Set
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: Wrapped With Film
    Delivery Time: 2 Months
    Supply Ability: 10 Sets/Month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Type: Packaging Line Color: Customized
    Condition: New Speed: 100-200 M/Min
    Warranty: 1 Year Material: High Quality Steel Materials

    3 , 5 or 7 Layers Corrugated Cardboard Production Line For Making Paper




    Corrugated cardboard production line is the key to the corrugated carton production enterprise production equipment.Corrugated cardboard production line is the most important enterprises of carton packaging production line equipment, including wet equipment, cadres, the production management system and other several important parts.


    Operating Principle


    Corrugated board production line is pressed corrugated roller base paper,glue,paper separating, cutting into different size,the last working procedure of assembly line by code output, etc. Such as single-sided corrugated paper production line is usually composed of web support, single face corrugated board forming machine, rotary paper cutting machine, using roll paper materials and potato or corn starch adhesive, continuous production and cut into the required specifications of the single face corrugated board.Cardboard don't have to dry.It can produce more than three layers of corrugated cardboard.


    Main Parts


    Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand


    Technical Parameters


    Base paper diameter:Ø400mm-Ø1500mm

    Max. load: 3000kg

    Main shaft dia. : Ø 215mm


    Hydraulic System Parameters


    Working pressure(MPa): 12-16 MPa

    Hydraulic cylinder scope(swing): Ø 100mm×460mm

    Hydraulic cylinder dia.(clamp):Ø 63mm×720mm


    Structure And Features


    Symmetrical structure can install two bundles base paper, to change paper with non-stop.

    Adopt hydraulic drive, can make the base paper lift, clamp, loosen, move and center.

    Head of paper clamping part with mechanical expansion design.

    Tension control adopt pneumatic brake, manual control and also can be on-line controlled together with paper receiving part.


    Raw Material And Origin


    Principal axis of holder and arm lock: high quality seamless steel pipe Origin: Chengdu

    Wallboard of two sides:Q235A welded sheets Origin: Handan

    Arm lock: HT200 casting Origin: Hebei

    Electric elements: CHINT/Schneider

    Girder connected box iron: Tangshan


    Single Facer


    Main Parts Parameters


    Corrugated roller:Ø 280mm

    Pressure roller:Ø 290mm 45# seamless steel pipe under quenching

    Pasting roller:Ø240mm 45# seamless steel pipe with hatching knurling and hard chrome

    Scrapping glue roller:Ø130mm 20# seamless steel pipe

    The pre-heater roller:Ø320mm 20G steel Origin: Baotou


    Machine Features


    Wind adsorption for paper transmission keep the steady corrugated type in high speed.

    Blower adsorb the corrugated paper under the lower corrugated roller in range of 180°via vacuum box.

    Suction slot of lower corrugated roller < 2mm, can reduce the trace on paper.

    Adopt cardan shaft drive to separate from the vibration source, operation more stable.

    Reduction gearbox adopt immersion oil, closed gear drive reduced the vibration.

    Adopt circulatory gluing, offering glue by pneumatic.

    Pasting roller with hatching knurling and hard chrome on the surface.


    Raw Material & Purchased Parts


    Wallboard of two sides:HT200 Origin: Hebei

    Foundation material: welded box iron Origin: Tangshan


    Single Layer Overbridge


    Technical Parameters


    Paper holding roller:front above Ø135mm back above Ø135mm

    Low speed conveying roller:drive roller Ø135mm driven roller Ø135mm

    Tension bridle roller Ø85mm hanging roller Ø85mm

    Adsorption lead roller Ø85mm


    Structure & Features


    It is a kind of bridge type conveyor transport the single corrugated paper to tension brake or adsorption brake by tracker and conveyor for next process.

    Adopt suction tension device, high pressure centrifugal converter adsorb the papers by vacuum, electric rectification, assured the paper flat.

    Electric elements controlled the two sets operation board, it can be adjusted above and below the bridge separately.

    The tracker use the chain drive to pull the single corrugated paper to the bridge together with the single facer. The conveying speed is slow to that can form the wave overlap for production line.


    Raw Material & Purchased Parts


    Material of main frame:16# Box iron Origin: Tangshan

    Conveyor of paper storing part:parallel rubber conveyor Origin: Tianjin


    Single Layer Gluer


    Technical Parameters


    Pre-heater roller dia.:Ø320mm accurate grinding with hard chrome.

    Paper pressing roller dia.:Ø135mm accurate grinding with hard chrome.

    Pasting roller dia.:Ø270mm accurate grinding with hard chrome.

    Glue distributing roller dia.:Ø130mm accurate grinding with hard chrome.


    Structure & Features


    Converter motor drive independently, rise up and lower down the speed steadily.

    Synchronous belt runs more steadily without vibration and noise.

    Rubber roller surface is treated with hard chrome plating and embossing, grinding. Glue scraping roller and ballast roller treated with hard chrome after grinding.

    Ballast type adopt dual paper pressing roller structure, simple operation, easy maintenance.

    Glue cycle system, avoid the glue solution sediment.

    Equipped with pre-heater, can speed up the glue pasting,pasting with high speed more firm.


    Raw Material & Purchased Parts


    Pre-heater roller,Pasting roller,Glue distributing roller all made of Chengdu seamless steel pipe.

    Wallboard of two sides :Q235A

    Origin: Handan


    Online Thin Blade Slitter Scorer


    Technical Parameters


    Machine body left-right moving:±100mm *Min. Slitting width:130mm

    Working air pressure:0.6-0.9MPa

    Relative humidity:20%-90% *Temperature:5-50°


    Structural Features


    The work height can be electric adjusted and the orders can be changed quickly when two machines work together.

    Dual frequency converter controlled.

    Blade & scorer both move by manual (Option: blade & scorer both move by electric).

    Slitting part: adopt high quality tungsten steel alloy thin blade, sharp and long service life, slice more tidy, non-pressing and non-burr.

    Grinding part: adopt automatic and manual two kinds pneumatic grinding type. It can be grinding when working, improved the work efficiency.

    Scoring part: adopt 5 points scoring, scoring distance adjusted synchronously, blazonry and easy to bend the carton sheet.

    Adopt China famous brand or imported electric elements, reliable performance.

    Electric left-right rectification function to cooperate the position of paper sheet.


    Raw material


    Main wallboard material of the two sides: Q235A

    Blade:outer dia. 260mm material: tungsten steel alloy


    NC Spiral Blade Cut Off Machine


    Technical Parameters


    Paper cutting range:max.9999mm min.500mm

    Paper cutting precision:±1mm (in constant speed)

    Paperboard: raw paper < 360g/㎡ core paper < 200g/㎡

      thickness 3-14mm moisture content < 10%

      warpage < 30mm

    Relative humidity: 20%-90% Relative temperature:5℃-50℃

    Knife shafts dia.:above Ø188mm Lower Ø188mm.

    Paper guide dia.: front above shaft(sun gear)Ø165mm front lower shaft Ø120mm

    Back above shaft(sun gear)Ø165mm back lower shaft Ø120mm


    Structural Features


    Special construction: intensive wallboard and pedestal, transparent window on the two sides of wallboard for easy view and maintenance.

    Drive system adopt auto oil pump cyclic lubrication, assured the entirely lubricating for gears.

    High precision and hard grinding gears resist high speed, keep the long time working life and be identical with the gaps.

    Precise cutter shaft and holder assured the cutting stably in high speed.

    The special structure of blade adjustment and changing make it very fast.

    The complete system all adopt C.E standard design with strict industrial computer test, has the good quality, long lifetime and stability.

    AC servo drive with high quality, fast and accurate reaction on the drive part.

    Special electric design can save much more energy.

    The auto detection function avoid the damage of abnormal operation.

    Computer can adjust the slitting speed automatically and keep synchronous speed with the production line.

    Memorize 999 orders and finish the orders as per the priority settled.


    Raw Material & Purchased Parts


    Material of wallboard and pedestal:HT200 casting Origin: Hebei

    Material of up & down shaft:45# steel

    Material of cutting knife:W18crv5Co5(high speed tool steel)

    Material of gears:40Cr accurate grinding modulation.


    Automatic Orthogonal Stacker


    Technical parameters


    Max. Paper length: 2000mm


    Structural Features


    Lengthways receiver adopt wide conveyor belt.

    Automatic piling up, auto counting, electrical zero, electrically convey laterally.




    Main frame: #16 box iron


    Different Ply Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Customized Rotary Cutting Type



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